As long as  the butterfly persists in the company of caterpillars, it will feel like a freak. -Monster

Monster Legacy Creatives Incorporated is a nonprofit musician and artist support service; featuring philanthropic creatives.

Team Monster is a legacy of mental wellness, through altruism, and chronic traumatic brain damage (CTE) awareness. 

We appreciate your participation, contributions, and all forms of support.

One Chill

Lethal Princess

Stay ; Alive

Kristen Brown

One Chill

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"Can't talk butterfly language with caterpillar people."-Monster (One Chill)

Lethal Princess Music logo

"Before you can have an epic mic drop, 

first you have to have the courage to pick up a mic."

- Lethal Princess 

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Does your music make people feel better? Do your lyrics empower the listener? Do you use your talent for a good cause? 

Let us know! If we like what you're doing with your music, we'll feature you right here on this block, free of charge for one year.