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Spirit of Hope for Women Africa

Spirit of Hope for Women Africa is raising funds for material and transport costs to get reusable sanitary pads into the villages.

 As we grow, we will be providing more machines, materials, and cover labor costs.

Our website is (In much of Africa a VPN is needed to access.) 

Decoding Earth's Hidden Secrets

Spirit of Hope for Women of Africa


Girls that are empowered by Spirit of Hope for Women - Africa. 

We teach different skills such as sewing, and help them prepare for a career.

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NFT Collections and Monster Medallions


Music NFTs

This is a collection over 6 years in the making slowly being rolled out. Being inspired by the likes of prolific producers Kanye West, Murda Beatz, Metro Boomin, and 808 Mafia as well as the iconic composer Scott Storch. In 2015 I started producing, and since then I have set out to sharpen my skills to their fullest extent simultaneously implementing my own style into music. 

Baby Lungs Bree

Supernova Tek Tiered NFT Project – TIER ZERO Mint 4.20.22

Supernova Tek is an IRL business with proprietary technology looking to make NFTs a fundamental part of small business fundraising.

We're taking the first steps towards SEC-compliant NFTs with our Tier Zero – Prototstar Believers Drop on 4/20/22!

We are more about offering utility than supporting a cause, however, we are trying to make space for small business owners to enter the NFT space legally, and that's kind of a cause.

Smvsh Friends

Smvsh Friends is all about spreading positivity through our community and building lifelong, meaningful relationships. We started out as a 5005 piece 2D PFP project, but have evolved into a project with utility for the virtual world and the real world. Mint is .03 ETH. Every avatar is randomized upon mint and no two avatars will look the same.

Eeste La Rods

Explore the inner world of the woman survivors. Collectors support women that have been abused, and never express their inner world. Our aim is to hold spaces to help women with breathing techniques, and psychological treatment. They're faceless to represent their inner world of them . They been abuse or traumatized but they stand tall and empowered regardless of what they have been through.

Hillbilly Hound Dogs

A collection of 1037 Generative art Hillbilly Hound Dogs with proceeds of NFT sales going to 501(c)3 Organizations aiding in the rescue and the prevention of animal cruelty.


This Collection was made in memory of my dear friend, Jon Lehr. He died too young of lung cancer leaving behind 4 children. His death was a call to action for me to quit smoking and to create this Collection as a reminder to all in the space to take care of ourselves. 50% of the profits will be donated to individuals that I know personally to support them in their battle with cancer. The rest of the profits will pay for the taxes and physical materials. Listed at .1 eth each on the polygon network.

House of Tyranny NFT

Welcome to the House of Tyranny! My NFTs are about resistance to an inhumane dictatorship. 100% of the proceeds from these NFTs help Ukrainian children via the charity Voices of Children

Donate to Voices of Children


Makoko is a water-slum area in Lagos found across the third mainland bridge. It is regarded as the Venice of Africa. Many of the houses in Makoko are built on water with hardwoods. The hardwoods are supported by wood stilts that are planted deep into the waterbed. The rest of the houses are built on a swampy area of land.

War by Amani Atarshi

My project sheds a light on the rich corporations get richer by going to war for other countries resources. I have designed this with a deep meaning.  

900 Days

900 Days of Baby is photo-documentation of the first 900 days of a cute little baby. These photos were taken from his day of birth 10.06.2005 to 28.11.2007

Let's see how he grows up.

Rap OG Pepes

Unique hand drawn 1/1 NFT artworks about Hip Hop Legends in a specific and unique style! All NFTs are brand-marked, 

which means you will have only the original one 

if it's connected to this Twitter account! 

To make it super sure that you have really the real and original NFT, after purchasing the item, you'll receive the WIP as a GIF!


This NFT collection brings acute awareness to the travesties and heinous abuse and torture perpetuated against African women and young girls, by the very people charged with their safety and well-being, such as their own family or spouse. Turn away if you must, but it won't stop the ugly truth, making you a passive by-stander to the beauty and innocence of African girls and women being violently stripped away. Go ahead, scroll instead of looking at what a hostile place the world can be to women. We understand it is uncomfortable to know these things occur while you sip your latte or get your nails done, but what if you could actually stop this from happening simply by take five minutes of your life to support this project. Could you change the world? Maybe not; but what if you could save one life with NFTs? Are you brave enough to step into my world, where it is common to cut off a young girl's clitoris against her will, without sterilization or sedatives, using unsterilized razor blades by elders who are not even medical professionals. If that is too much to consider, look at the unchecked behavior of African men, freely beating their wife as a way to control her is a normal everyday life. Women have no recourse with the authorities, so they are trapped in a dangerous lifestyle with no hope of escape. Sometimes these wives are mere children; unwilling child-brides with no option to refuse. Women in Africa are suffering unspeakable atrocities. Do you care, or will you continue to look away because it is all all too horrible to even consider these injustices happen every day. Will you do something about it, or allow the socially acceptable violence continue to destroy the beauty and grace of African women, because well, it's just Africa, right? Who cares about Africa. Well, I do.


Contact Kristen via the contact form or via Twitter @artmusicnfts to have your NFT showroom featured on this site.