As long as  the butterfly persists in the company of caterpillars, it will feel like a freak. -Monster

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Noun: the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others

I'm the Monster, you're the Legacy.

Every member of Team Monster, is a Legacy. 

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Team Monster is known as a community of altruistic mental wellness advocates, inspiring active kindness within multiple NFT communities, bonding together to empower those who want to be more kind and altruistic. Facilitating the transition between web2 mentality and web3 mentality, we use compassion, kindness, and altruism to inspire people to be less solipsistic when making decisions; thinking in terms of "we" rather than "I". If we can transmute that last bit of toxic/narcissistic/solipsistic mindset, we help people move forward in their mental, spiritual, personal, and financial journey.

We use the three MLC Inc. #StayAlive icons in FRONT of our name while in Twitter Spaces, so people can see how many Team Monster Legacies are in a space, before they go in, whether it's someone they know or not. If you are Team Monster, and you see the three icons under pfps, you know you are not alone in there, even if you don't know them personally, because they are just family you have yet to meet. 

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Team Monster Founder

Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown, better known as "Monster", is a singer, song-writer, composer, music producer, solo music artist, part of a kpop duo, and CEO of non-profit music label, Monster Legacy Creatives Inc., as well as the founder of Team Monster; known as a community of altruistic mental wellness advocates inspiring active kindness within the Kpop, NFT, web3 community and eventually, the world at large.

Contact @artmusicnfts on Twitter to upgrade your red Monster Medallion to a custom colored Official Team Monster badge.

Meet the Legacies...

Organic farms to Feed

Cancer Warriors

Brooke Dahl is a multimedia artist, enjoying such mediums as paint, marker, colored pencil, photography, fabric, food, collage, music, and sound. Although Brooke is from America, she plans to soon reach many corners of the world with her free to affordable organic produce. Her project proceeds enable the purchase of farms all over the world, to grow healthy food worldwide, while also reducing pollution. Brooke bought her first farm in 2021, in Maine, USA. This year, she planted the front field with mint, which will continue to root and spread, giving the first harvest this coming season. This year Brooke will be adding asparagus, and walking onion, to the property, as well as some of the infrastructure needed to keep sheep. The goal for the coming year is, this farm will produce a full meal. Lamb, with asparagus, walking onion, and mint {jelly}.

Brooke has a full art studio for fiber arts (looms and weaving), and for creating NFTs. Brooke's intended use of NFTs is to help fund her organic farms for cancer patients project, and also to support other heart-centered creatives worldwide. Other funding for Brooke's organic farm project is secured by volunteering her time on local farms, and community outreach and support. Brooke plan is to buy her next farm in Bulgaria. 

Dine w/Eileen

Hi Babe

Hong Kong artist, Eileen, is the founder of Hi Babe, and the Dine with Eileen NFT collections on OpenSea. Hi Babe collection is inspired by her favorite childhood dolls given to her by her parents when she was a toddler. Eileen still maintains possession of three Hi Babe physical dolls from her childhood, keeping her company when she was studying abroad Eileen wants everyone to find their bliss in the nurturing and cultivating of our inner child.

(Shown: Monster's customized Hi Babe)

Each cuisine of her Dine with Eileens NFT collection, represents the culture, history, and people of the country. Let’s experience and explore different food with us! All of the artworks are 1/1 art. The price increases with every 5 new pieces release in this collection.

Kene the Flower Boy

Kenechukwu Ugonabo is a chemical engineer & perfume manufacturer in Lagos, Nigeria. Kenechukwu is the founder of DeKay Perfumery, offering nationwide delivery, and perfume bridal shower parties. Kenechukwu, or Kene as we call him, asks that you see the online rave reviews regarding the Dekay company; and their FB following.

Invest in the future of a man who started a business from humble beginnings, and is bridging floral photography with nfts, to turn it into something bigger than himself. "Start where you are, and do what you can with what you've got.

Kene has a keen eye for making the star of the photo, some feature that is typically over-looked or down-played.

"Flowers is a sign of love and care but your woman can't carry it everywhere she goes. Consider giving her something she can move around with...something more mobile that she can perhaps wear...something like a perfume."

Dandy Edibles

Moxxi's Avid Adventures

Moxxi is a Boxer/Bully mix we adopted and rescued from our local animal shelter. The only info they had about her was that she was an avid adventurer. Moxxi wants to go on more adventures and help her friends back at the rescues and shelters! Moxxi's Avid Adventure Club will be a collection of 200+ Moxxi Adventurers. All of the Moxxi Adventurer art is hand drawn on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet with Windows Paint and an art program called Krita, no code is used!! Join the Club, find the Adventure and become an Adventurer! Help our BullOxer Moxxi help her animal friends in need!!

Please check back for more information regarding Moxxi's Emergercy Animal Rescue, Moxxi's Avid Adventures.

Moxxi's Discord

Ghazal Poorasadi 

Ghazal Poorasadi is a meditation instructor, and a personal self-improvement consultant. Ghazal's passion is psychology, which pares well with her innate artistic talents. She is known in the NFT community as being especially humble, kind, and seemingly always a happy. Ghazal has a disarming nature, which is comforting and inspiring person to those around her. Team Monster's goal of global extreme kindness and mental wellness, is a mission Ghazal altruistic side couldn't resist. Artistic expression comes from alignment; Ghazal's alignment is found in the peace of silence and the purity of nature. Get to know Ghazal if you want to make your soul just a little happier.

Laying Paint

Graffiti artist Laying Paint, is the @projectdudes marketing director, and community manager. Project Dudes utilities are letting others know they are loved and they matter. 

The main purpose of Monster Legacy Creatives, is to empower those at risk of being bullied to the point of self-harm. Lethal Princess and One Chill music, aim to head off the risk before it develops, by empowering impressionable demographics, so when the wolves come, they are prepared for the fight. Project Dudes mission to let people know they are loved and they matter, aligns with Team Monster's mission of empowering people to own their self-confidence, which will protect them from the potential risks in a toxic social climate. We can't stop the bullies, but we can nullify their victim pool, just be letting genuinely kind people know, we see you, hear you, love you... and you really do matter.

Contact @layingpaint on Twitter to learn more about Project Dudes and Team Monster. 

Tife Chris

Da Babe

Nnadi Christabel Uchechi, known in web3 as “Babe”. 

Babe is a 20 years old professional psychologist from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. Nnafi is a digital artist, and a photographer who recently graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra state. For Nnadi, photography fulfills the old adage, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life". She feels there are so many beautiful moments in life, deserving to become timeless; as timeless as the blockchain. The purpose of her photography  is to preserve history as seen through her eyes, while also having a positive impact on the lives of people with whom she interacts.

"You just have one life to live, so why not take the risk of going after what you want? Focus on your passion and ignore the shortcomings and limitations. Also, when the journey gets tough and you feel like giving up, always remember why you started in the first place. Yes, there might be artists that are better than you, just remember as our thumbprints are different, so are the artworks. So keep creating!" - Babe

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Human Zeke

Jaspiro Designs

Nigerian native, Jasper Sunday Alachu is better known as Jaspiro. He is outwardly passionate about his Nigerian culture. An electrical engineer, musician, fashion designer, and NFT Enthusiast, Jaspiro is living his dreams as he builds his fashion brand, “JASPIRO DESIGNS”, handcrafting each design into a tangible, wearable, usable item.

Jasper learned his craft from Youtube videos, and would always invest any little money he earned from playing Igbo traditional music, into crafts supplies, In 2021, Jaspiro had enough products to sell in the local street market, and social media.

Life as a fashion designer sounds glamorous, but with electricity problems and the financial strife of the common Nigerian citizen, fashion design is more of an adventure for Jaspiro. I've shared this quote many times in my spaces, and here we go again... "The difference between an ordeal versus an adventure is your attitude." You'd be hard pressed to find anyone with a better attitude than Jaspiro. Aside from fashion designing, Legacy Jaspiro also buys and sells electrical materials to make ends meet while he grows his cultural fashion

brand. Jasper manages an electric company of which his father is the director and founder.

Ritchie from Puerto Rico

Ritchie from Puerto Rico. Ritchie likes to say he's a man of many hats. Ever since he was young, anything technological and creative intrigued him. A few years ago, Ritchie got involved in the crypto community, and discovered all the many possibilities that this would bring to the future.

Ritchie spent most of his youthful adult years in the military, not having nurtured his drawing skills since high school. Being part of the NFT community has re-introduced Ritchie to his creative side, which he says has been an amazing therapeutic asset in his mental health. Ritchie fits right in with this Team Monster community of altruistic mental health advocates.

This is how Ritchie explained his first OpenSea project, Whacky Heads to me, "this nft isn’t meant to be a utility, or a game piece, or even an amazing oil painting. When I created the base design it was more of a “how I felt in the moment” kind of thing. I had so many things going on in my mind that I felt a bit whacky. Then I thought.. I should make a collection with this. That's what he did, including a few color variations, loaded it on some software and it generated around 1500 possible color combinations.

Ritchie sent Monster a design of a fist with the text, "Team Monster", so she added the Monster Legacy Creatives Inc logo, the official stamp, and Monster's semicolon wrist tattoo, so now we all have these amazing customized official Team Monster badges; thanks to Ritchie.

Ritchie decided to set the royalties of the Wacky Heads project to Team Monster, because he respects a community that understands that the mind is an ever evolving part of our body. Ritchie says, "it can be our safe haven, but also the most dangerous place. Mental health is exceedingly important to humanity in general. I have experienced this personally, and I treat it with respect."


Sponsor a specific Legacy, by purchasing a red medallion from them. You can negotiate a price with them and set up the transaction. The way the Monster Medallion raises money for the team, is by continuing to raise the floor. If the Legacy sells their red medallion at the current floor price of .1 (polygon), they get a new one free. They earn money selling Monster Medallions during the bear market, in order to successfully sell their NFTs to a wider audience at a more esteemed price, during the bull market. The Legacy may sell their red medallion for any price they choose, however, they won't receive a free one unless it is sold between the current set range of .091-.099

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Contact @monsterskpop on Instagram to order your custom colored Official Team Monster badge; or via @artmusicnfts on Twitter. If you have a red Monster Medallion (.007) you can upgrade to an Official Team Monster badge (.01) at no additional charge. You can buy red medallions to gift to your friends, and have them DM Monster on IG or Twitter to receive instructions regarding transferring the red medallion to a Ledger, then place their order for a custom-colored/designed badge.

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Silver and Gold Monster Medallion holders receive up to 100 Rose of Kindness NFTs for free, to be gifted to especially kind people who are actively supporting their community daily, in various ways. Monster has found that giving out free Rose of Kindness NFTs, makes people happy, and thereby raises the vibration of the whole community.

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Silver and Gold Monster Medallion holders receive up to 100 Rose of Kindness NFTs for free, to be gifted to especially kind people who are actively supporting their community daily, in various ways. Monster has found that giving out free Rose of Kindness NFTs, makes people happy, and thereby raises the vibration of the whole community.